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Our Student’s Comments

The Renaissance Atelier provides a wonderful social atmosphere for arts and sculpting classes as well as valuable teaching techniques. As a very under confidence beginner I have progressed to a level that I feel proud of thanks to the teachings of both Cristian and Yuli. I feel comfortable asking the most basic of questions and being guided through the process.  I have learned some great techniques and am very excited about going forward with projects working both at the studio and also doing homework from home. Yuli also provides some rather yummy refreshments and some of the group also add to that on the alcoholic front so it makes for a very friendly social community in a lovely  brightly lit studio. Yuli really does goes out of her way to make everything easy for you and is very accommodating.   There seems to be a range of students from complete beginners like myself, through to some very accomplished artists and we all learn from each other. Cristian has guided me through developing a large oil painting that will hopefully be ready for my sister’s Christmas present and will hopefully be something I can be proud of!
Julie Salamon



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