We run a no refunds policy. Please make sure you are sure you can take the course prior to booking.

No shows shall forfeit their place to another student and cannot expect their space to be saved for the following week. We require 48 hours notice for any change to class bookings, otherwise you will forfeit your class.

We do not accept cheques. Payment must be made by Cash, BACS electronic transfer or Paypal.  All payments must be made in British pounds sterling.

Non attendance of classes due to illness, or personal/professional reasons does not provide the right to refunds. All circumstances shall be considered and such action taken that we consider fair and reasonable for both parties.

We cannot accept responsibility in the event of a public transport strike or otherwise, or for any other condition beyond our control. Courses /workshops may have to be cancelled.  As the full costs will still be incurred for the courses/workshops we are unable to offer a refund but will aim to reschedule the course/workshop where possible.

The Renaissance Atelier reserves the right to make any changes to the course schedule, teacher availability and website content, or to cancel a workshop or course due to circumstances beyond its control and liability shall be limited to the refund of fees paid in this instance.

In the case of staff illness, we will attempt to find a substitute tutor. If this is not possible, the class will be postponed and we will attempt to contact you in good time to make you aware of the postponement. We will aim to reschedule the class to a date suiting most of the students or the missed hours may be added to the remaining sessions.

The Renaissance Atelier reserve the right to change the teachers at any stage during the course without prior warning.

The Renaissance Atelier expect all students to behave in a respectful and courteous manner towards all members of staff and other students at all times. We reserve the right to exclude anyone who’s behaviour is rude, aggressive or threatening no refund will be payable.


Under no circumstances shall The Renaissance Atelier be held responsible for any harmful act or damage done by factors beyond our control. unless the act be reasonably foreseeable and avoidable by the exercise of due care on behalf of The Renaissance Atelier as its employer; nor in any event shall The Renaissance Atelier be held responsible for any loss sustained by the client due to theft, fire or any other cause except in so far as such loss is solely attributable to negligence of The Renaissance Atelier employees acting within the course of their employment.

The contents on the website may change due to unforeseen circumstances and it may be necessary for course timetables and schedules to be changed without prior notice due to changes beyond our control.  The Renaissance Atelier does not accept liability for advice given or opinions or advice given by any of our tutors whilst conducting courses.



Our Student’s Comments

The Renaissance Atelier provides a wonderful social atmosphere for arts and sculpting classes as well as valuable teaching techniques. As a very under confidence beginner I have progressed to a level that I feel proud of thanks to the teachings of both Cristian and Yuli. I feel comfortable asking the most basic of questions and being guided through the process.  I have learned some great techniques and am very excited about going forward with projects working both at the studio and also doing homework from home. Yuli also provides some rather yummy refreshments and some of the group also add to that on the alcoholic front so it makes for a very friendly social community in a lovely  brightly lit studio. Yuli really does goes out of her way to make everything easy for you and is very accommodating.   There seems to be a range of students from complete beginners like myself, through to some very accomplished artists and we all learn from each other. Cristian has guided me through developing a large oil painting that will hopefully be ready for my sister’s Christmas present and will hopefully be something I can be proud of!
Julie Salamon



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