We do NOT send materials via post

Please note that all Art material packs purchased through the school will be ready for you on first day of course commencement.

If you are bringing your own materials please come to all the classes with all the correct materials as listed below. Please bring good quality products as investing in a good quality brand will make a huge difference to the quality of your work and ease of working.

Pack 1 - Beginners Charcoal Drawing Pack - £30
  • Lyra charcoal pencil or similar (or generals charcoal pencil)
  • Small & Medium Willow Charcoal Sticks
  • hard Rubber
  • Mixed size stumps
  • Stanley knife
  • Sharpener
  • Masking tape
  • Sanding block or sanding paper

*paper is provided as and when you need it and is unlimited for the duration of the course, we use:
Fine Grain Heavyweight Pad 200gsm natural fine grain textured paper

Please bring a note book to take notes within class.


 beginners-clay250x200 Pack 2 - Beginners Clay Sculpting Pack - £40
  • 4.5 Kilos of Newclay (airdrying, no need to Kiln firing)
  • Pack of x5 wooden clay tools
  • Sponges
  • Cloth
  • Clay cutter

Important Note: please do NOT buy pottery tool kits, as you will need finer detail tools for sculpting

*advanced tool kits pack of 12 available for £10 in studio

*smoothing tools pack of 5 available for £10 in studio



Pack 3 - Beginners Oil Painting Pack - £55
  • A set of painting flat brushes ( both flat)
  • Round wooden artists palette (9”x12”)
  • 5 Beginners oil paints tubes: White, Alizarin crimson, ultramarine blue, Raw umber, Burnt sienna, Cadmium yellow
  • Please bring to class - Copy of an Old Master painting in A3 size or a book to copy from

Also need to bring if you are doing a 4 week course:

  • Prepared A3 canvas/panel or gesso board (or you can purchase A3 panels for £15 from the studio)
  • Linseed oil or Walnut Oil,
  • Painting medium (Liquin / Liquid Glass)
  • Dammar Varnish for finishing your oil painting
  • Extra suggested Oil paint colours needed for full time students: Titanium white and zinc white, yellow ochre, raw sienna, burnt sienna, alizarin Crimson, cadmium red dark shade, terre verte, black 

For cleaning tools:

  • Sans Odour or Zest it(to clean brushes after) vegetable Oil or Olive soap or Marseille soap
  • Lint free rags, quite a few.
  • Please bring a note book to take notes within class.



Intermediate and Advanced Students
If you are an intermediate or advanced student and require an advanced materials pack please let us know in advance as we can prepare the materials needed to suit your needs.

Retail Stores
Alternatively we recommend the following shops for good quality products:

To avoid disappointment all packs should be ordered well in advance so that they are ready for course commencement.If you are unable to purchase via the website please email us at to order your pack.* Please note that there are no discounts given on the material(s) packs & no refund policy on pack purchases.

Our Student's Comments

I have enjoyed Yuli’s clay sculpting classes immensely. Here I have learned how difficult it is to sculpt realistically, as opposed to creating whatever comes to your mind. Yet I’m so happy with my first project, looks like I’m slowly starting to get hold of it.
Nargiza Muradova



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